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  • Remote-controlled mobile carport

    Remote-controlled mobile carport

    With air conditioning in the car and traffic jams on the road, the fuel consumption suddenly increased, and the car was exposed to the sun for a long time. We were sitting in the car as if we were in a sauna. A car that does not make sun protection will stay for a long time. Accelerated aging, whether it is the equipment inside the car or the exterior paint of the car will also be seriously affected, so sun protection measures for cars are necessary. But we do n’t have an underground garage anytime, anywhere when driving out, so an automatic jersey is especially important. It can be moved at will, and if you want to open it, let ’s take a look at the picture below.
    201 2020-01-18 mobile carport Detail
  •  Roller Tonnage Selection

    Roller Tonnage Selection

    The choice of roller tonnage depends on the specific application. The following summarizes several common applications and the corresponding tonnage for reference!
  • How To Choose A Forklift

    How To Choose A Forklift

    How to choose a forklift that suits you as a professional in the industry, we recommend the following considerations:
    254 2019-12-19 Forklift Choose A Forklift Detail
  • How To Make The Working Process Of Backhoe Loaders Safe

    How To Make The Working Process Of Backhoe Loaders Safe

    Backhoe loader is a single unit consisting of three construction equipment. Commonly known as "busy at both ends". During construction, the operator only needs to turn the seat once to change the working end. The main work of the backhoe loader is to dig trenches to lay pipes and underground cables, lay the foundation for the building and establish a drainage system. The device is simple to operate and highly efficient and is becoming increasingly popular. But because of improper operation also caused many safety accidents, how to make the working process of the backhoe loader safe? We have summarized 9 safety precautions after starting the engine and when the backhoe loader is working:
    292 2019-12-06 Backhoe Loaders Loader Detail
  • Single Wheel Roller Application Range

    Single Wheel Roller Application Range

    The single-wheel roller is suitable for compacting asphalt and asphalt coatings in tightly accessible areas. Compacting special surface layers and compacting and joining areas using rubber tires. The single-wheel roller is also used for sidewalks and bicycle lanes, parking areas, maintenance work, etc. The solidification layer of the cement stabilized layer in the construction of the road maintenance and construction of the road; the edge of the trench, the compaction of the asphalt concrete at the corners, also requires a single wheel roller to work.
  • Sliding Plug-In Type Buffer Stopper Installation Method

    Sliding Plug-In Type Buffer Stopper Installation Method

    The railway buffer stopper should be installed in the last section of the end of the end line, close to the rail joint, no fishplate, the buffer stopper and the end of the line should have a certain distance, the greater the distance, the better the braking effect.
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