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  • How To Operate Mortar Spraying Machine

    How To Operate Mortar Spraying Machine

    The mortar spraying machine is easy to operate, no need to take scaffolding, no mobile equipment, no need to repair the raft, the yin and yang horns, the top plate can be freely sprayed, shortening the construction period, improving the progress, and saving the cost of the frame material, but in the operation process We still have a lot of details to pay attention to.
  • Forklift Operator Safety Instructions

    Forklift Operator Safety Instructions

    With the leaps and bounds of the Chinese economy, the number of forklift trucks used in major cities has increased year by year. On the one hand, the correct use of forklifts increases efficiency for production and operators. On the other hand, the improper use of forklifts brings huge economic losses and personal injury to operators, businesses or passers-by. The safety of forklift trucks is particularly important. Tailifu forklifts share with you the standardized operation of forklifts.
    156 2019-06-14 Forklift Forklift Operator Detail
  • How Do Train Buffer Stoppers Work

    How Do Train Buffer Stoppers Work

    As for how the buffer stoppers works, it is common to realize the reduction, weakening and disappearance of the impact force of the locomotive by the friction of the blocker on the line rail and the buffering force of the end spring of the blocker. As a professional manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry, we have summarized the working principle of the following obstacles for you to understand more about how the buffer stoppers works.
    133 2019-05-24 Buffer Stoppers Detail
  • What Harm Does The Forklift Truck Overloaded?

    What Harm Does The Forklift Truck Overloaded?

    When carrying goods on forks, it is necessary to strictly abide by the safety regulations of the operation to prevent overloading and driving. It is strictly forbidden to overweight and super high, so as not to endanger the safety of people, goods and forklifts.
    219 2019-04-19 Forklift Detail
  • Flat Trailer Transportation Safety Technology

    Flat Trailer Transportation Safety Technology

    1. Before the operation, check whether the Flat Trailer locking device locks the material and must not fall during driving. 2. When driving the Flat Trailer, the Flat Trailer should start from the first gear and the clutch should not be in the semi-bonded state to control the speed. 3. The clutch should be operated correctly during driving, so that the combination is stable and the separation is thorough. According to the road conditions, the timing of shifting should be properly mastered to ensure the normal operation of the Flat Trailer engine. It is strictly forbidden to reduce the speed of the vehicle by means of the clutch half linkage. 4. When unloading at the edge of the pit, a safety stop should be set. When the Flat Trailer approaches the edge of the pit, it should be decelerated and must not strike the block. 5. After the Flat Trailer passes through the muddy section, the wetland should be slowed down after the rain. It should avoid shifting, braking, rapid acceleration, and should not be close to the roadside or ditch edge, and should be prevented from skidding. 6. When going uphill, if the road surface is uneven or the slope is large, it should be exchanged in advance to resist exercise. It is strictly forbidden to slide in neutral when going downhill; it should be slowed down when turning; when it is sharp, it should be replaced first. 7. Before going downhill, reduce the speed of the car and change it to withstand the engine. Flat Trailer should be replaced before reaching the steep slope to prevent shifting on steep slopes. 8. After the operation, the Flat Trailer should be cleaned. 9. When the operator is off the aircraft, the Flat Trailer internal combustion engine must be turned off, and the neutral brake must be tightened. 10. When the Flat Trailer needs to be tested after repair, it should be qualified personnel. The vehicle must not carry people's cargo. When it is necessary to test the vehicle on the road, it should be issued by the traffic management department. 11. When parking on the ramp, the downhill parking should be reversed, the upper slope should be hung up, and the tire should be tightened with a triangular wooden wedge. 12. When the line of sight is unclear due to fog and dust, the Flat Trailer should be stopped. 13. It is strictly forbidden to hand over the Flat Trailer to undocumented persons.
    249 2019-04-12 Flat Trailer Detail
  • Spraying Machine Parts Component

    Spraying Machine Parts Component

    The spraying machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a spray gun and an atomization generating source. The atomization source varies with different types and sprayers: the atomization source of the air sprayer consists of an air compressor, a gas pipe, an air oil water separator, and a gas storage tank; the air spray machine atomization source is powered by a power source. The composition of the high-pressure pump; the atomization generating source of the electrostatic spraying machine is composed of a high-frequency high-voltage electrostatic generator.
    252 2019-04-04 Spraying Machine Parts Detail
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