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Flatbed Trailer Safety Technical Operation Rules

Summary: flatbed trailer safety technical operation rules.
1. The operator must hold a certificate and strictly abide by the relevant safety and shift system.

2. Before leaving the car, the trailer device, brake air pipe, joint, and flatbed wire plug must be checked.

3. The road surface at the loading and unloading place must be flat and solid, and the loading and unloading of the vehicle is not allowed under and near the high-voltage line.If it is necessary to load and unload nearby, sufficient horizontal safety distance and vertical safety distance must be ensured.

4. When loading and unloading the truck, both the trailer head and the flat plate should be braked, and the wheels should be wedged symmetrically with triangular wood.

5. A springboard must be set up when the machine moves up and down the flatbed by itself or when loading and unloading large machinery by manpower. The tail of the flatbed should be padded to prevent the rear from being deformed due to the concentration of load during loading and unloading.

6. After the machine is on the car, the brakes of each mechanism must be braked, and each safety device must be locked.Before and after the crawler or tire of the walking mechanism, use a triangular wooden wedge to fix it so that it cannot move.

7. Heavy vehicles should shift gears in advance, do not shift in the middle, and do not drive at high speed when going downhill to avoid emergency.

8. When the heavy truck is fully loaded overnight or parked for more than three days, use wooden blocks to balance the chassis of the flatbed truck to reduce tire pressure and chassis structural deformation.