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Safety Rules And Routine Maintenance For Forklift Trucks

Summary: Safety rules, daily maintenance and operating procedures for forklift trucks.

Safety rules, daily maintenance and operating procedures for forklift trucks.

Article 1 safety rules for forklift: driver training; Do not smoke or near open flame when checking fuel or filling; It is forbidden to lift the forklift gantry when tilting forward; No carrying vehicles; Overloading or off-loading is strictly prohibited; No sudden braking or sharp turning is allowed.

Article 2 daily maintenance of forklift: check engine oil level; Clean the air filter element on time; Add fuel oil to ensure clean and no water; Pay attention to the cooling water level; Engine radiator should be kept clean; Fill lubricating grease (oil nozzles) on time; Keep the hydraulic rods clean to prevent rust; Pay attention to the gear oil level.

877 when driving in front of someone should be in the near future 5M away from the signal; The driving speed in the zone shall not exceed the planned 10KM/H, and the warehouse shall not exceed 3KM/H; When driving, the low value of goods should be 300-400mm above the ground; Turn not too fast, to prevent "free turn" tendency; Up and down the slope should be slow and uniform speed, not on the ramp turn; Do not ride across the slope. When the slope is greater than 10%, the load should be driven ahead. Do not overload, goods to tie good, not allowed to stand on things; Drivers are not allowed to drive with wet or oily hands.

Forklift usage regulations

Objective: in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the production, prolong the service life of the forklift, and save the unnecessary abnormal loss of the forklift.

Article 1 forklift trucks shall be prohibited from pushing and pulling wagons. Violators shall be fined 1000 yuan.

Article 2 forklift tire pressure cans shall be prohibited. Violators shall be fined 100 yuan.

Article 3 it is strictly forbidden to use forklift truck for cleaning. Anyone who pushes or pulls paper with bucket or pallet truck shall be fined 10 yuan.

Article 4 in principle, the forklift can only be used to carry waste paper. If it is used in other aspects, it must be approved by the branch factory.

Article 5 forklift trucks must be parked in designated parking Spaces.

Sixth survives the scene actual situation, waste paper used driving car in principle, shall not use forklift truck unloading, unloading staff need to use forklift, must be approved by site management personnel on duty, and appointed by the management personnel on duty vehicles to the unloading personnel to use, after unloading workers have been using the vehicles, must carry on the vehicle handover with feeding people, check the usage of vehicle, and did not check out if you have any questions, shall be the responsibility of the successor.

Article 7 when pushing the paper at the feeding port, the fork and holding clip shall not contact the ground, and the offender shall be fined 10 yuan.

Article 8 when unloading containers or vehicles, the height of the platform shall be equal to that of the containers or vehicles.

Article 9 maintenance of forklift according to the original regulations, the 10th, 20th and 30th of each month is the maintenance day, the 1st, 3rd and 5th forklift will do maintenance for shift personnel, and the 2nd, 4th and 6th forklift will do maintenance for the day shift personnel.

Article 10. The shift supervisor and site management personnel, in addition to arrange the daily work, should arrange related personnel for the forklift maintenance and maintenance, supervision, forklift worker implementation of the above provisions, such as shift supervisor and site management personnel in violation of the provisions of forklift workers did not stop them and report, will aggravate the punishment, on-site management personnel should also be on duty to do a good job of succession forklift, each class must be used to record a forklift, any fraud in the record, to hide the fact, find a disqualified from supervision.

Article 11 in case of any abnormality or fault of the forklift during operation, it shall stop using the forklift immediately and report to the forklift immediately.

Article 12 if any fault of the forklift truck is found in the inspection and timely handled or reported to avoid heavy losses of the forklift truck, the branch factory shall reward the forklift truck according to its value