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Plant Protection UAV Safety Practices

Time: 2019-10-18 Category: Technical Data Tag: UAV
Summary: With the country's emphasis on the three rural issues, agricultural development is becoming more and more intelligent, and agricultural plant protection drones are an agricultural intelligent device emerging in recent years. We all know that the smarter devices bring more convenience to our lives and work, but at the same time, the more intelligent devices, the more we need to learn how to operate correctly and safely. The safe operation of agricultural plant protection drones requires a lot of attention.

UAV flight control operators include:

1, flying hands - responsible for operating plant protection drones

2, ground handling - responsible for dispensing and confirming the status of plant protection drones

Safety specifications include:

1. Self-safety

2, the safety of others

●Operation qualification: The corresponding operation training must be completed to obtain the operation qualification.

● Self-protection: Wear protective clothing, sun hats, masks, protective glasses, rubber gloves, and boots to protect yourself.


● Safety of pesticide use: Understand the toxicity of pesticides only, and grasp the potential risks of pesticides to people and the environment.

● Pre-flight inspection: Check the forward and reverse of the blade, the tightness of the arm connector, whether the power system, operating system, and spray system work normally. The aircraft is powered off during the inspection, and the blade is removed during the power detection.


● Keep a safe distance from the drone: keep a safe distance of more than 10 meters from the drone, and not close to the rotating propeller.

● Keep a safe distance from others: The plant protection drone in flight must keep a safe distance of 10 meters or more from others, and it is forbidden to fly above other people. It is forbidden to take off and land in the crowd.


● Empty personnel in the work area: The work area must ensure that there are no spare personnel, otherwise there may be dangerous accidents.

● Do not take risks in the demonstration work: there are many onlookers during the exhibition or the local demonstration, and do not take adventurous actions, do not show off skills, and always maintain a safe distance.


Advise all drone practitioners to put safety first.