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Is Driving A Forklift Like Driving A Car?

Time: 2019-08-31 Category: Technical Data Tag: Forklift
Summary: Many customers have such questions before purchasing a forklift. Is driving a forklift like driving a car? In order to let customers buy with confidence, today I summed up some differences between cars and forklifts:

Many customers have such questions before purchasing a forklift. Is driving a forklift like driving a car? In order to let customers buy with confidence, today I summed up some differences between cars and forklifts:

Common things:

1, the common operation of the forklift and the car has a steering wheel, clutch, foot brake, and throttle.

2, there are electric forklifts and electric cars.

3, the fuel has gasoline and diesel.

4, most are 4 wheels.

Different way:

1, the general forklift is front-wheel steering, and it is impossible to turn 360 degrees. The forklift is rear-wheel steering and can be turned 360 degrees. This makes the forklift very flexible, but it is also easy to roll over. This is a problem that all students, especially the new school forklifts, have not considered, and it is also a very important issue.

2, when the forklift rollover, it will not roll, so the forklift driver can not jump when encountering this problem.

3. The forklift has a lifting operating system and a gantry forward and backward tilting system, while the car does not.

As shown in Figure 4, why the forklift driving is classified as a special operation means that the danger is high.


Then, what problems should be paid attention to when driving the forklift to start and drive? The following points need attention:

(1) Before driving, the driver should first inspect and clean up the site and passage to make it suitable for forklift operation and driving;

(2) When starting, you should first close the emergency switch, open the electric lock, then adjust the position of the direction switch, honk the number, then start slowly and gradually accelerate, prohibit the quick stepping down of the speed control pedal to prevent the starting current from being too large. Burning the motor;

(3) When driving, it should be gradually accelerated, and it is not allowed to drive at a low speed for a long time;

(4) It is forbidden to pull the direction switch during driving, only after the car stops. In order to toggle the direction switch to reverse direction. Should try to avoid sudden braking, in case of emergency, should quickly pull down the knife switch, step on the brake pedal, and immediately stop;

(5) Start, when whistling, turn the horn, turn, downhill, when the road is not flat or through the narrow passage, slow down and pay attention to safety;

(6) When driving on the road, it is necessary to pass on the right side, the forklift cargo should be about 100~200mm away from the ground, and the gantry should be in the backward tilt position; when the two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, the distance should be more than 2m before and after;

(7) When multiple forklifts are driving on the platform, the front and rear spacing should be more than 5m. When the same direction is on the narrow platform, paralleling should be strictly prohibited, and the edge of the platform should be more than 0.3m;

(8) When the forklift is towing the trailer, continuous curve driving is prohibited, so as to avoid large current discharge and affect safety; no matter the full load, no load, uphill, downhill, etc., it is strictly prohibited to reverse the driving; when turning, it should slow down and slow down, so as to avoid the goods from scattering. At the same time, pay attention to the inner wheel difference to prevent the trailer from scratching the inside or driving out of the road;

(9) Under normal circumstances, the battery forklift travel motor and the oil pump motor are prohibited from working at the same time to extend the service life of the battery;

(10) When the working voltage is lower than the minimum limit voltage of the vehicle, stop working and charge in time;

(11) If abnormal phenomena are found in the driving, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate the fault in time; prohibit the forklift manned and the trailer to carry people;

As long as you do the above, I believe that driving a forklift is not a problem!