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How To Maintenance The Road roller

Time: 2019-06-28 Category: Technical Data Tag: Road roller
Summary: "If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." Doing a good job of daily equipment maintenance will make you more effective in future construction.We have sumarized six points of the road rollers daily maintenance for your reference!!

First, hydraulic system maintenance

Regularly change the hydraulic oil. When adding or changing oil, pay attention to clean and avoid the wind. Be careful not to mix impurities and dirt into the fuel tank. The filter element is replaced every 2,000 hours, even if it is not enough for two years, it needs to be replaced to prevent the hydraulic oil from deteriorating. Pay attention to the oil level gauge on the side of the fuel tank. When the hydraulic oil is too small, add the same type of hydraulic oil of the same brand to prevent the chemical reaction of the additives in various brands of hydraulic oil, leading to early grinding of hydraulic components. Also, always check the mounting bolts of the filter, valve, motor, oil pump, cylinder, etc. for looseness and oil leakage at each joint.

Second, the vibration wheel maintenance

The vibration wheel should be replaced once every 1000 hours (the lubricating oil is the same type of 15w/40 diesel engine oil as the engine), and should be cleaned when changing the oil. Check the vibration of the vibrating wheel oil at any time. When checking the oil level, turn the fuel filler to the upper position and open the oil drain to make the oil leak out until it leaks or leaks.

Third, battery maintenance

The Zhongyun Group's road roller adopts maintenance-free batteries, which are normal and require no maintenance. In the winter, the battery should be disassembled and stored indoors.

For equipment that uses rechargeable batteries, the electrode needs to be maintained for a long time, so that if the battery is improperly used or improperly maintained, the electro-hydraulic gravity will be low, the voltage during charging will be extremely high, and the voltage during discharge will be extremely low. White crystal particles were found outside the plate to form the "acid salt" of the battery, rendering it unusable. The acidified battery can be charged normally by charging 1-2 times with a small current. The surface of the battery must be kept clean. If there is dust or electrolyte flowing out, it is best to wipe it with a cloth dampened with ammonium chloride alcohol or 10% ammonium sulfate.

In terms of charging condition, it can be checked by acid hydrometer to see if the battery is fully charged. The specific gravity of the electrolyte should be 1.28 (15oC) when fully charged. If the specific gravity drops to 1.2, the battery should be borrowed from other sources. Charging. Under normal conditions, the diesel generator is sufficient to fully charge the battery, but in the winter, the battery pack is recommended to remain fully charged to avoid freezing.

Fourth, water spray system maintenance

During the winter storage period, the equipment should be stored indoors as much as possible. For the water spray system, you need to open the water pipe joint at the hinge, open the pipe joints at both ends of the spray pipe, clean the water of the system as much as possible, disassemble the water spout, the water tank, the water tank filter, the water pump, the water pipe, and the water spray pipe. Water. Avoid frostbite.

For small equipment, you can also add low temperature wiper to the system and follow the steps above. Avoid residual water damage to water system components.

Fifth, pay attention to lubrication points

For other equipment, the grease lubrication point should not be ignored. The lubrication points of the whole car are in any position. For each equipment, it should be recorded, especially in the high-strength construction, the lubrication time specified by the manufacturer, winter. Before storage, before the start of spring, it is necessary to record and record one by one according to the lubrication point record to extend the service life of the original.

Sixth, the whole machine is clean, stored and transported

In terms of cleaning, the roller must be washed away from dirt and dust after each operation. At this time, special attention should be paid to diesel engines, generators, starter motors, fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, hydraulic pumps, etc., as well as hydraulic piping. To clean the exterior, these areas must be wiped clean with a dry, soft cloth. Test all device functions and check all service points. If problems are found, solved in time, or ordered repair parts, repairs are completed before the start of construction in spring, to avoid delays in the second year of construction.

When the equipment does not need to be idle, the road roller should be stored in a dry warehouse. It is forbidden to store unrelated items and gasoline. In case of parking in the open air on rainy days, the parking ground should be kept dry. It must be covered with a rainproof cloth.

When the road roller needs to be transported for short distances, the roller can be driven by high speed according to the road conditions. Try to avoid long-distance transportation, causing damage to the surface of the steel wheel and high-temperature oil leakage and wear of the reducer. Long-distance transfer should be transported by flatbed trailer. During lifting and transportation, the safety locking device on the fuselage should be used to lock the frame to prevent relative rotation between the fuselage and the frame, causing damage to the swing limit block and fracture of the tubing. At the same time, the road roller should be firmly fixed on the flatbed trailer. For the steel wheel equipment, the crushing damage of the hard parts in the transport ladder and the transporting bucket should be avoided as much as possible. For the lashing point, the lining should be placed to prevent damage to the hoisting point.

"If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." Doing a good job of daily equipment maintenance will make you more effective in future construction.