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Good Policy Will Be A Good Medicine In The Machinery Industry Or An "Anarrhea"

Time: 2018-08-01 Category: Industry Information Tag: China Transpost Group Medicine
Summary: Throughout the recent local conferences and conferences, investment is still the highlight of promoting economic development in 2018.
 Throughout the recent local conferences and conferences, investment is still the highlight of promoting economic development in 2018. Driven by new urbanization construction and infrastructure construction, the construction of railways, real estate and farmland water conservancy projects will be followed by the start of construction. Situation. The data shows that in December 2017, the national construction machinery industry completed a total industrial output value of 56.735 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.39%, a chain growth of 32.06%.
It is believed that the overall situation of the construction machinery industry has been warming up and recovering in December last year due to a series of favorable policies. It is expected that after the handover of the government, the indicators of the machinery industry will produce more outstanding results. A large number of infrastructure investment based on the "urbanization" strategy is of course fresh oxygen, which can replenish the industry. However, the capacity problem of the machinery industry already exists. If it is not resolved quickly, it will be too late to wait for it to recover.
The downstream market, which is under policy, is a strong driving force for the recovery of the machinery industry. The "urbanization" strategy has stimulated a large amount of investment in infrastructure construction across the country, including railways, highways, and bridges. The construction period of infrastructure facilities is long, and the average period is 2-3 years. Therefore, in a long period of time, the application market of construction machinery will be guaranteed, and the overall sales and revenue level of the industry will remain at a high level.
A good policy can also be a violent "anarrhea". With the temptation of a good market and the support of policies, more companies will enter the machinery industry, accompanied by more capital and larger capacity. The winter that the machinery industry encountered in 2017 is more like a short-lived pain that can be erased. However, the accumulation of low-end production capacity and the stagnation of technology upgrades will not be fundamentally changed due to large amounts of funds. Enterprises will easily cover up the existing problems of the industry and paralyze people's understanding of industry issues.
Zhang Yulin, research director of China Investment Consulting, pointed out that although China has already eaten enough of the "intemperance and no planning", the relevant departments have not played a scientific guiding role in the industries involved in the national economy, digesting excess capacity and promoting There are no practical policies on important aspects such as technology upgrades. Lack of corresponding norms for guidance, a huge market is an opportunity for the industry, and more likely a crisis. CIC Consultant
The “2018 First Quarter Hot Industry Tracking Analysis Report” pointed out that in the recent local two conferences, the government work reports of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities announced the 2018 GDP and fixed asset investment targets, the latter generally two The number is mostly set at 20% or more. Among them, 19 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities such as Qinghai set the target at 20% and above, and Xinjiang, Gansu, Guizhou and Heilongjiang provinces were set at 30% and above.