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Spraying Machine'S Basic Construction Process

Time: 2018-06-19 Category: Technical Data Tag: Spraying Machine
Summary: Spray gun method and posture

Spray gun method and posture

A. Hand: Hold the spray gun and do not hold it in full. Hold the handle with your ring finger and pinky finger gently. Hold the index finger and middle finger against the trigger.

The gun handle is caught in the tiger's mouth. The upper body is relaxed and the shoulder is sunk to avoid long time and tired wrists and shoulders.

B. Eyes: When the spray is applied, the eye should follow the spray gun.

Whereever the gun is, where the eye is, it is necessary to find where the spray gun is going.

The state of spray coating and the landing point of spray.

C. Body: The spray distance from the spray gun to the object surface and the vertical spray angle are mainly guaranteed by the body. Spray gun movement Also use the body to assist the movement of the arm, not only the wrist, but the wrist should be flexible.